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Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company

The firm's boss is also filmed apparently offering to carry out secret operations to discredit politicians online.

Spy poisoning: Corbyn says 'all fingers' point to Russia

Labour leader says UK must still deal with Russia despite "all fingers" pointing to it over spy attack.

Alfie Dingley's medical cannabis petition to be handed to government

Alfie Dingley is six - his family want him to be able to use medical cannabis to manage his epilepsy.

Working dads lose out in workplace, say MPs

Many fathers want to share childcare but fear asking for flexible work, says report.

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Russian spy: EU offers solidarity over Salisbury poisoning case

It comes as the Army recovers a car used to collect Yulia Skripal from Heathrow, the BBC understands.

Nerve agent: Who controls the world's most toxic chemicals?

The organisation keeping track of the deadly chemicals held by countries around the world.

Travel warnings as snow and ice hit UK

The spring snow is disrupting road, rail and air travel, with some sporting events cancelled.

Man uses kayak to sledge down hill in Bristol

Overnight snow leads to travel problems with trains and airports affected in the west of England.