British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS)

BFRS is a Social Enterprise that was created to work in support of the Armed Forces Community (AFC). We support them by working with companies across the UK that are looking to hire, re-train, and offer career advice to the them. 

We successful host National Careers Fairs across the country and our aim is to continuously introduce the AFC to companies and try to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits of employing from this community.

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Contact the Base
0207 2189000

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More and more people use social websites but how safe are you? There are a number of Wives groups here in Larkhill who have setup pages on Facebook etc.... but as harmless as these pages may seem, people can easily gain information about Soldiers and their families from the simplest of things posted. For example, it is easy to gain information to an individual of their families by searching an open source group on Facebook, even if your profile is locked down. From there they can use to trace your address as they know your name and area where you live. From they can see who lives in that house and have your address. From your address they can use Google maps to see your front door etc.... So the question is how safe are you? If you are an Admin of a Facebook page lock down who can see posts and group members, if you have not locked down your profile on Facebook, Twitter etc.... be carefull who is looking at your profile.  The links below are excellent information on how to stay safe online.
Click the link below for the survey Facebook page
Info on the Larkhill Web Team conatct via this link if you would like more advice on locking down your profile.